Kibar Career School

As an extension of our institutionalization efforts, the main focus of our human resources activities is to increase the professionalism of our company’s organization and ensure that each manager acts as a human resources manager while doing so. Among our goals is ensuring that each manager acts as a human resources manager, assumes a leadership role within the enterprise, and takes on authority and responsibility to guide the enterprise’s future strategies. In this regard, we have initiated the Kibar Career School, whose content, duration, and scope may vary according to the level of the employees, in collaboration with Sabancı University.

Our Goals:

  • Establishing a culture of mutual management
  • Developing a corporate culture based on openness to improvement and continuous development
  • Training prospective Kibar Holding leaders that will increase and maintain the organization’s success
  • Ensuring continuous development to support professionalism in employees’ areas of expertise

Blue Collar Development Program

Through the Blue Collar Modular Training Program, Assan Foods aims to allow for blue collar employees to develop their competencies and identify talented individuals to include them in the talent pool.