Human Resources Policy

Our Mission

Assan Foods aims to encourage openness to innovation and change, self and professional development, entrepreneurship, and creativity; to become an organization in which all of its employees take pride in; and to establish and maintain a community of individuals who incorporate their own career path with the future plans of the organization, who align company goals with individual goals, and who generate value for the company with the activities they carry out.

Being a Part of the Assan Foods Family Means

  • Being devoted to your job and company
  • Being aware that the activities you carry out will contribute to the future of the company
  • Being inquisitive, devoted, and disciplined
  • Being aware of your responsibilities and holding ethical and professional values
  • Being cautious of the environment and human health
  • Prioritizing personal and professional development
  • Respecting and caring for each other, protecting the reputation of the company, sharing decisions and goals, and striving for continuous development when change takes place.