Social Responsibility Policy

Social Responsibility Policy and Principles

We believe in the power of sharing the future, success, and life at our company, which operates under Kibar Holding. In this process of sharing, we adhere to our values, which have been our guiding light since our establishment.

We shape our policies in the light of the values of “Diligence,” “Innovativeness,” “Honesty,” and “Flexibility,” which define us, and the value of “Reliability,” which provides a basis for them.

In this policy, as Assan Foods, we announce our approach to corporate social responsibility, stress the importance of corporate social responsibility for our employees, stakeholders, and community, and explain the reasons why it should be prioritized.

Our General Principles:

As Assan Foods, we consider acting in a socially responsible manner in all our activities as a main and indispensable part of our management approach and focus on implementing sustainable and improvable social responsibility practices.

As Assan Foods, we do not limit our approach to social responsibility to internal activities but determine our priorities about this matter by considering what is best for society and the environment. We strive for the development of our society.

We develop approaches to ensure that all our business partners, especially our suppliers, meet the standards of Assan Foods in the field of social responsibility, and we focus on ensuring the adoption of these approaches.

We undertake that we will respect people and the environment in all parts of the world where we operate and will operate, and demand that all our employees act accordingly.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Principles are shaped by the “Code of Ethics” that we implement at Assan Foods; the expectations set by the UNGC (United Nations Global Compact), signed by Kibar Holding; our business procedures; the labor law; the environmental law; and the occupational health and safety law.

The main principles we follow in our social responsibility practices are as follows:

  • We offer equal opportunities to all our employees and other stakeholders, approach and treat them equally, and take a stand against all kinds of discrimination on the basis of religion, language, race, color, gender, political opinion, membership in organizations, etc. We avoid discrimination in all our activities from recruitment to termination of employment. Moreover, we create a collaborative, positive, and harmonious working environment and aim to prevent conflicts.
  • We ensure the full and proper enjoyment of the personal rights of our employees. We develop a balanced and fair remuneration system for our employees within our company. We consider the minimum wage set by the law as the minimum wage for our employees to cover their living expenses, and pay the overtime wages of our employees.
  • We know that we need conscious employees to achieve fully widespread social compliance within our company. During recruitment and at certain times during employment, we provide information and training on the personal rights of employees, company rules, and working conditions in order to increase our employees’ awareness.
  • Our employees are our greatest assets. Our main business goal is to ensure and maintain the health and safety of our employees in the workplace. We conduct risk assessments for the health of our employees and the smooth functioning of operations, take all the necessary measures to eliminate or mitigate the identified risks, and create a healthy and safe working environment. We comply with the relevant laws and implement practices that exceed the expectations set by these laws. We do not need an external audit to ensure the effectiveness and relevance of our occupational health and safety practices, as we constantly strive to identify our areas for improvement, and form teams of specialists from Kibar Holding and group companies to inspect our company.
  • We make the necessary effort for the personal development of our employees and encourage them to find the balance between work and personal life. We comply with the rules on working hours and make our business plans accordingly. As Assan Foods, we believe that all our employees have the right to work in a healthy and safe environment under conditions that do not compromise human dignity.
  • We organize activities to develop a sense of social responsibility among our employees and society and encourage them to take part in volunteering activities. We try to increase participation in our project “Kibar Volunteers” and promote different volunteering projects to reach different segments of society. We strive for the development of our society.
  • We do not employ anyone under the legal minimum age for employment. In order to prevent especially child labor, we provide information and training to our suppliers, producers, and other stakeholders to increase their awareness of this issue. We comply with the age limits set by laws and provisions. We take action to provide special protection to young employees who are not yet adults.
  • We do not allow any of our employees to work without job security. Moreover, we establish rules and perform audits to prevent the employees of our suppliers from working without insurance and in violation of the labor law.
  • As Assan Gıda, we respect our employees’ freedom of association, right to bargain collectively, and right to form or join trade unions. We ensure that our employees are able to discuss working conditions with business management frequently without fear of negative consequences.
  • We employ those who seek employment of their own free will, and we do not use any form of involuntary labor such as forced labor. We never demand that our employees work to fulfill any liability to our Company. Our employees have the right to terminate their contract of employment within the time frame specified in the law. Employee loyalty is completely voluntary in our company. We believe that loyalty to the company cannot be increased by force and that employees should show loyalty voluntarily. We measure the loyalty of our employees to the company through our employee engagement surveys and carry out various activities to increase their loyalty.
  • We are aware of our responsibility to consider the environmental impact of our business and carry out improvement and development activities to minimize this impact. We constantly monitor and try to improve our internal practices to protect the natural environment. Moreover, we provide training and consultancy to our suppliers of agricultural raw materials in order to ensure that they minimize the environmental impact of their activities and use environmentally-friendly agricultural technologies. We support the agricultural development of our region with smart agricultural practices. We seek opportunities to recycle our industrial waste instead of disposing of it. We comply with the environmental protection rules on waste management to the maximum extent feasible.
  • We follow the code of conduct in our operations: We avoid all forms of corruption, bribery, fraud, embezzlement, extortion, and abuse of power. We do not tolerate the exchange of money and gifts to influence the conduct of a person, organization, politician, government employee, or authority for commercial or personal gain. We provide the “Kibar Group Code of Conduct” training to our employees and ensure that they follow it.

In the light of Kibar Holding’s values of “Diligence”, “Innovativeness”, “Honesty”, “Flexibility,” and “Reliability,” Assan Foods considers acting in a socially responsible manner in all its activities as a main and indispensable part of its management approach.

All our managers and employees are responsible for corporate social responsibility practices across our company. This policy has been prepared to show Assan Foods’ clear commitment to fulfilling all its responsibilities to meet the social responsibility expectations of its employees, other stakeholders, and society.